What you need to know about the In-Person college fair experience....

Basically, when you get to the college fair you have two options:

  1. Wait in long lines at every booth to fill out the same personal information on cards over and over and over again, wasting time and preventing you from chatting with more colleges
  2. Fill out your information-- one time by pre-registering, then skip the lines and the writers cramp by letting college reps scan the barcode you print at home.

While both options technically work, we certainly know which one we’d pick.


How does my barcode work?

When you pre-register the information you provide gets encrypted in our system, and a barcode is generated. Reps can then scan that code at any automated fair, and that information gets zapped over to them in a secure electronic format so they can follow up with you after.

This system keeps your information secure; only people you allow to scan your code can peep your profile. You’re in complete control of your personal data.


What if my parent(s) want to come to a fair with me?

Bringing a wing(wo)man to make sure you can hit every table you’re interested in is always a good plan. We suggest printing your barcode out twice, so you guys can divide and conquer all you want.

Another tip, set up an email account specifically for the college admissions process. You will be getting a lot of correspondence from these folks. You want to make sure to handle emails quickly and not miss anything. On the other hand, because you will get a lot of admissions office emails, you might want to keep them untangled from your everyday inbox.